Vetcreations was founded in 2014 by two veterinarians – Dr. Lilin Chen and Dr. Helen Chiu. Drs. Chen & Chiu have over a decade of experience practicing on the frontlines of veterinary medicine. Through experience, open-mindedness, and desire to practice the most wholesome medicine possible, they recognized that their training in modern Western medicine could be augmented by traditional Eastern medicine. Thus Drs. Chen and Chiu devoted additional studies to acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and veterinary food therapy, in order to provide an integrative approach to veterinary medicine.

At Vetcreations, we believe that veterinary care should be a responsible practice that deliver high quality services and products under the conscience of treating the Earth gently as well. Our hope is to promote life styles that bring lifelong wellness to pets. We hope that by applying the simple guidelines of healthy lifestyles, pet owners will be empowered to make the best informed decisions for their beloved furry families.

We are thrilled to launch our first treats with colostrum and turmeric supplements. These treats contain therapeutic doses of colostrum and turmeric designed to benefit your pets while giving them a very tasty and healthy treat. We start with fresh, all natural ingredients and hand-make the treats with love. There are no preservatives and the treats are so yummy that even the pickiest dogs and cats would love them!