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What Should I Feed My Pet? —General Guidelines

As health care providers, one of the many challenges that we face on a daily basis, is to customize individualized care/treatment plans every 20-40 minute or less, and be able to explain/deliver them in a clear and an effective way. There are general concepts, but there are no one-fits-all formulas, and therefore no matter how well [...]

What is Holistic Medicine?

​Let’s talk about Holistic Medicine. The term “holistic medicine” has been used a lot in recent years.  But what does it really mean? The dictionary definition of holism is “a study or method of treatment that is concerned with wholes or with complete systems”. Holistic medicine is about treating the body as a whole with interconnected [...]

“Sympathy Illness”

As practicing veterinarians, we share and discuss with each other about complicated and challenging cases. Either to get some support or to learn from each other. One of the most bizarre types of cases that we can’t find good scientific proof or explanations yet, are “sympathy illness.” A dog has been limping for one week, [...]

The Overly Excited Immune System- Allergies

This past winter, we got so much rain even in Los Angeles. The scenery has been amazing- snow in the mountains, and the blooming of the wild flowers. All the sudden southern California became “green” in stead of the “yellow” that we are accustom to. However, we also have been seeing so many more itchy [...]

Collective Efforts Saved A Damaged Soul—Juelz’ Story

Shaka It is impossible to talk about Juelz’ story without mentioning Shaka, who sadly had left this world at the end of 2016. Shaka was the definition of a “perfect dog.” He was loyal, smart, gentle, calm, happy, nurturing, sweet, docile, loving, and selfless. He put others’ as his priority instead of himself. I [...]

What The Elephants Tell Us

Happy Lunar New Year! Hope you and your furry friends are having a healthy and a great start this year! In traditional Chinese culture, there are 12 horoscope signs representing each lunar year, and this year, is the year of the Pig. In northern part of Thailand however, many provinces replace the pig by [...]

Who Fosters Whom?!

My husband and I started getting more involved with the community of Los Angeles animal rescues and shelters on behalf of Vetcreations early this year. At first, it was more about learning how things work from the rescues and shelters’ perspectives, as well as trying to collaborate. Just like many other “foster parents,” even [...]

The World of An Architect Through Her Dogs’ Eyes— An Interview

​​Yuwen has been working as an architect for the past 20+ years, and she is a very good one! Thanks to the combination of her modernly elegant taste, slickly simple design, and sentimentally classic soul. Yuwen’s passion towards nature and animals has also given her artsy work a special touch. There are always dogs [...]

What Should I Feed My Pet? —East meets West

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ― Hippocrates In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is believed that nurture can be more powerful than nature. Even if an individual was born weak, sick, and underdeveloped (weak prenatal Jing), love and care will reverse that (Zang Fu Jing). With the right nutrition! (Gu Qi) [...]