Because of Billys

Billy is a 10 year-old male neutered Labrador Retriever mixed, who has been loved and well taken care of by his wonderful family. However, for the past few months, they have noticed that Billy seems to “slow down” a little bit. It takes him longer to get up from his bed in the morning, he [...]

Retreat, reflect

The core of Vetcreations has always been about creating wellness and finding happiness, and we want to apply that to not only the beloved pets, but also the caretakers. We are well aware that everything begins with ourselves, and our humanity. We have to stand strong first in order to carry the big rule of [...]

Our first workshop

The first Vetcreations workshop was a great success! We had a fun and awesome crowd, spent a wonderful afternoon talking about food, making food, and of course, eating food! With the modern busy lifestyles, the therapeutic power of both eating nutritious food and taking the [...]

Vetcreations – Our story

Our paths crossed in 2014 while working shifts together at a West Hollywood small animal hospital.  We quickly bonded with each other over our similar interests and hobbies.  We were very excited to learn that we both shared similar philosophies on veterinary medicine. We practice Integrative Medicine - combining modern Western Medicine with Traditional Chinese [...]