What Should I Feed My Pet? —General Guidelines

As health care providers, one of the many challenges that we face on a daily basis, is to customize individualized care/treatment plans every 20-40 minute or less, and be able to explain/deliver them in a clear and an effective way. There are general concepts, but there are no one-fits-all formulas, and therefore no matter how well [...]

Billy and Turmeric

Remember Billy, the 10 year-old Lab mixed who suffered from joint pain but unable to continue the conventional nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications because of his liver and kidneys conditions? Even though a newer, potentially milder version of NSAIDs was offered, combining with pain medications, Billy’s owners opted for more natural alternatives. After consulting with a holistic veterinarian, [...]

Our first workshop

The first Vetcreations workshop was a great success! We had a fun and awesome crowd, spent a wonderful afternoon talking about food, making food, and of course, eating food! With the modern busy lifestyles, the therapeutic power of both eating nutritious food and taking the [...]