Happy February! Hope everyone has a good start with a wonderful and energizing, fresh January of this newly arrived 2018. Being good Taiwanese Americans who are well immersed in traditional Chinese culture, Helen and Lily want to remind you that the Chinese New Year is around the corner, and this coming “New Year” will be the year of the dog! A second chance to make the new year resolutions and actually putting them into practice if the first ones didn’t work out so well just yet (Just kidding).

If the “first new year” was the one for ourselves, then maybe right now, it’s a good time to pause, and direct our intentions to focus on providing a better care that will ensure the quality of life of our beloved furry friends in this coming new year of the dog. Does Fluffy need to lose some weight from indulging too much during the holidays? It’s a great time to re-consider Fluffy’s nutrition and exercise regimen. Has Norman been suffering from arthritic pain and the on-and-off NSAIDs and pain medications that just don’t do the tricks anymore? It would be a great timing now to seek out for alternative solutions with a certified integrative veterinarian! Did you adopt a puppy or a kitten over the holidays but the little one just hasn’t quite settled yet, and this year started out being a constant struggle for you? Now it would be a crucial timing to correct that for both you and the new family member! Whatever it is that you want to achieve together with your best and most trust worthy furry companions, please don’t miss the opportunity to set the intentions now! Wish this year will be abundant, joyful, and full of positive changes for all of us!