After one year of planning and plotting, we as two mostly mellow tempered but somehow detail obsessive perfectionists, finally found the most suitable occasion to introduce Vetcreations to our close friends, both human and non-human— A holiday party! We were so excited to share our visions on pet care through Vetcreations with our human friends, and of course, very proud to present our yummy supplementing artisan treats to our furry friends, who wolf down the treats in no time!
What we are trying to deliver through Vetcreations is that the pet care to strengthen precious human-animal bond, is not only about the products, but most importantly, it’s the positive attitude and awareness towards the lifestyle, and the collective efforts from the community that truly matter! As a result, besides continuing efforts on product improving and development, Vetcreations will also create workshops and events that will help pet lovers connect to veterinary professionals and bring the community together. It definitely takes a village when it comes to caring and being responsible for another living being that is capable of giving and receiving love!
We were empowered by the positive feedback from the party participants. With the love and support from our friends and colleagues, we believe that Vetcreations is off to a good start! Thank you everyone!!

Special thanks to The Common Houses and Karma Rescue, for sharing the space and introducing special community programs to us!