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An ancient elixir – Turmeric contains powerful anti-inflammatory effects. Best for pets with any inflammatory conditions, pain, or cancer.

Each treat contains 300mg Curcumin 95% (Turmeric root extract).

For small dogs and cats < 20 lbs: Give one treat per day.

For medium dogs 20-40lbs: Give two treats per day.

30 treats per bag

49 in stock

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Turmeric is a herb from the ginger family which has an active compound called curcurmin. It is well known in Eastern Medicine for its anti-inflammatory properties as well as many other medicinal uses. It has been utilizing for thousands of years, and was highly evaluated in Ayurvedic medicine. Current medical research and clinical trials are now validating its health benefits. It has potent anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties, works well as a pain reliever, and may contain anti-cancer properties.

Vetcreations Turmeric Supplements
We start with human grade supplement of organic turmeric root extract which contains 95% curcumin. This gives the supplement approximately 30 times the potency than regular turmeric root powder. Carefully measured doses of turmeric are incorporated directly into treats with gentle baking. The texture is soft, the flavor is appetizing, and the nutrition is abundant! There are less than 10 simple ingredients, and can be enjoyed by both dogs and cats.

​Turmeric is commonly used as a natural supplement to relieve pain. This is great for pets suffering from arthritic pain. Tumeric can also help with a variety of condition including digestive disorders, liver issues, heart conditions, cancer, and autoimmue diseases. Senior/geriatric pets can especially benefit from turmeric supplementation, this is due to the “warming” properties of turmeric that can help with the “deficient” state of older pets – a principle well known in Chinese medicine.

Learn more about turmeric and how it can be utilized as a natural pain killer, please visit our blog, https://www.vetcreations.co/blog.