The core of Vetcreations has always been about creating wellness and finding happiness, and we want to apply that to not only the beloved pets, but also the caretakers. We are well aware that everything begins with ourselves, and our humanity. We have to stand strong first in order to carry the big rule of literally being the whole world for our pets.
As a means to exercise both our physical and mental muscles, we went to Ojai, CA for a yoga retreat a few weeks ago. How interesting that everything is connected. Even though the trip was solely for ourselves as people, we were encouraged to channel ourselves into our inner animal spirits– to live in the moment, and to live life to the fullest. Let go of the noise from worry, fear, insecurity, and just focus on being. Have you seen a dog playing at the beach, chasing the waves, barking from being so excited and happy that s/he just has to make some noise? Do you think that dog is worrying about getting wet, being dirty, and upset that the salty air is irritating his lungs? No! He is focusing on the fun of just being and playing! He seizes the moment! Have you seen your cat lounging in the sun, yarning, enjoying, sleeping, and purring? Do you think this very moment, the cat is meticulously calculating and scheming how to be the most resourceful cat in the neighborhood? Do you think the cat is sunbathing and meanwhile mourning the loss of opportunity to eat more breakfast before the food was taken away? No!

Then why do we?

We can learn so much from our furry companions on the daily basis, and yet we overlook the precious opportunities. We can enjoy the life with pets so much more and so much fuller by just focusing on the moments that we share, instead of worrying. Worrying for their longevity, worrying about their health, worrying that we are not good enough pet owners. To help alleviate the fear and worry of a loving pet owner has been one of the strongest motivations to push both Helen and Lily constantly becoming even better veterinarians. We know that only when we empower the caretakers with knowledge and good medicine, will the pets live good quality of lives. With the same principles and goals, we created Vetcreations. We hope that by providing high quality products, Vetcreations will be part of the solution to cease pet lovers’ fear, and thus fully engaging each moment that our pets share with us.