​​Yuwen has been working as an architect for the past 20+ years, and she is a very good one! Thanks to the combination of her modernly elegant taste, slickly simple design, and sentimentally classic soul. Yuwen’s passion towards nature and animals has also given her artsy work a special touch. There are always dogs in her life, and we are excited to learn about how she incorporated her living space with her dogs’.

Q: When you first designed your own house, besides the “standard doggie doors,” what other elements were inspired by sharing the space with your dogs?

A: There is a “window-like” clear area at the lower corner of the front door. That was originally created for one of my past dogs, Fufu, a chihuahua-terrier mixed. Fufu was an anxious dog, and she would always wait by the door eagerly whining and crying when we were gone, in spite of her brother Benny (a Beagle) being by her side. It broke my heart. I felt that maybe she was even more nervous because she couldn’t see what’s going on outside. As an experiment, I made a “Fufu’s window” just at her eye level on the door for her. So she could see outside, and it worked! She calmed down and was able to relax more since. Even though she was still waiting by the door most of the time. The breakfast nook at the corridor was inspired by Benny originally. Because of Fufu, Benny used to hang out at the front door a lot too. He would just lay there and enjoy the sun. One Sunday morning I laid down next to Benny and learned that the sun warm up the worn wood planks and the view out to the garden makes it a perfect chilling nook, so I deck it out with a simple armchair, coffee able and area rug. It’s very tranquil so that corner ended up becoming my Sunday morning spot with Benny. Reading news, drinking coffee, taking the time. Now Fourthie (Yuwen’s current dog) also likes to spend his Sunday mornings with me there too. The Feng Shui does seem to be better there. We also re-arranged the plantation in the back yard. We used to have a Golden Barrel Cactus on the raised garden that was exposed but hidden, especially when it was small. Benny somehow liked to potty on the raised garden. It was fine at first because the plant was small, and we didn’t think much of it. Throughout the year as it became bigger, one day Benny went on doing his business, and as he lifted his leg, he was poked by the spine…. We then changed the plantation, but he didn’t  potty at the garden for a very very long time….

Q: What have you learned about Fourthie that you really like?

A: He has a very good attitude towards life. He is very confident and determine. Very honest with his feelings too. Because of him, we establish a healthy routine to always take some time to play and to be active, otherwise he gets agitated. He loves to play with other dogs, and he is very excited when we visit a new dog park. It has become a fun routine for both of us, to explore different parts of the town on the weekends together. Nothing seems to matter that much to upset him long. He lets go of negativities easily. He loves cheap and expensive toys equally, as long as we are playing and spending time together. Overall he is a content and happy dog, and I’m always so looking forward to go home to him at the end of every day!