Our paths crossed in 2014 while working shifts together at a West Hollywood small animal hospital.  We quickly bonded with each other over our similar interests and hobbies.  We were very excited to learn that we both shared similar philosophies on veterinary medicine. We practice Integrative Medicine – combining modern Western Medicine with Traditional Chinese Medicine.  We know that everything exists in a balance and it is this balance that brings wellness.  We share the same passion about bringing wellness to pets and people as well – and it was with this passion that we found our company Vetcreations.  This is our way of reaching out to the pet community to find ways to create wellness and find happiness in their lives.

When we began this journey, we spent  a lot of time discussing our dreams and hopes for veterinary medicine.  We both believe that lifestyle and food are the fundamental blocks to healthy lives.  We both love food and have spent a lot of our time talking with each other over delicious meals. In fact, we conceived the idea of colostrum and turmeric supplements while sharing a traditional broth dish in a busy Japanese restaurant.  From there, we spent a year crafting the treats – we wanted them to be therapeutic supplements with the best natural ingredients possible.  We tried different recipes and experimented with the coatings for the colostrum treats – ensuring that the colostrum is never cooked and remains bioavailable to the body – while insisting not adding any sugars or preservatives. (Therefore please remember to refrigerate the Vetcreations treats! They are perishable!) We spent countless hours, baked batches and batches of the treats, and all in the meanwhile shared deep conversations, good laughs, and generally good times together. And now, in 2017, we officially launched our supplemental treats. We are so proud of them as they represent our labor of love, and also are tiny packages of what we believe in – that we are conscientious about our choices in treating our pets – even as simple as giving out a treat, it can contain the best thing for their health.  And we know pets love them! Even the pickiest dogs we have offered the treats to just devoured them.

We are grateful for everyone who is a part of this community and sharing our journey.  We will always be open to conversations about how we can help you and your pets.